The contemporary masterpiece at 1201 Laurel Way is once again in the news, this time featured in a segment about “New Strides In Smart Home Technology,” produced by Fox News.

“The Jetson home in the future can be something like this,” says Adam Housley, reporting from the $36 million dollar home in Beverly Hills, developed by Richard Papalan and designed with the latest technology by Michael Palumbo and architect Marc Whipple. Housley slides an iPad out of the wall, and demonstrates how it controls everything in the home, including the lights, wine cellar and curtains.

“You can basically be in France, turn the heater on and off, turn the lights on and off, open the door if someone comes to visit,” Fox reports.

They also note that home automation is becoming a big business – it’s already growing 15% a year, and next year experts expect it will top $18 billion dollars. “When you talk to the companies that are getting into the home-automation business,” Housley reports, “They’ll tell you, it’s great for the consumer and for the companies.”

Watch the full Fox News video here.

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