Winter Solstice lands on December 21 this year, signifying the change of the seasons and the official arrival of winter. Translation? Complete clearance to cozy up indoors. Indulge in a movie marathon, curl up with a good book, or just use it as an excuse to take a much needed nap. Embracing the change in seasons—even though we live in beautiful, sunny L.A.—is good for the soul. However you choose to spend the shortened daylight hours, we rounded up four incredible spaces to welcome winter in.

1232SunsetPlaza_04The floor-to-ceiling dual fireplace at 1232 Sunset Plaza is a work of art in its own right. Wrapped with white, curved, carved marble, this commanding structure divides the living room from the dining room, providing a central gathering place for you and your guests.

Less daylight hours means catching up on your favorite book—all you need is the perfect reading nook. At 8564 Franklin Avenue in the Hollywood Hills, there’s a spot practically dedicated to the bookworm at heart, with an understated simplicity and a blazing fire that will complement any piece of literature.

2092-Mound-St-22A warm and inviting space is a Winter Solstice must, which is why we had to include the charming living room at 2092 Mound St. It’s bohemian-chic-meets-navajo aesthetic pairs nicely with exposed wooden beams and massive windows exposing the main garden for an earthy elegance.

491-Tigertail-Rd05The ultimate T.V. or movie night is calling your name at 491 Tigertail Road, whose state-of-the-art home theater boasts a 15-foot screen and plush leather seating for twenty of your closest friends. But we can’t leave this property without talking about the Prohibition-style wine cellar and drinking lounge. With bar seats and a comfortable lounge area, you can drink and be merry for as long as it takes.