In our continuing global outreach, The Agency’s Paul Lester played host to the Chinese Index Advisory this past October in Los Angeles. As one facet of our ever-expanding global relationships, our connection with the Chinese Index Advisory board is designed to create a viable connection between the quickly expanding economies of China, their real estate investor interests, and the dynamic new development opportunities of our US West Coast market.

The Chinese Index Advisory tour group was comprised of 22 individuals representing the Chinese real estate ventures market. China Index Academy is one of the largest Chinese property research institutions, which was integrated in 2004 with a number of China research resources, such as China Real Estate Index System (CREIS), Soufun Research Institute, China Villa Index System and China Real Estate Top 10 Research Team.

la_live_hero-300x225Headquartered in Beijing, they provide an extensive coverage of property markets through a network of several offices in key China cities. This enables more accurate and reliable information collection and in-depth local market knowledge. The Chinese Index Academy has 5 sub branches (North, East, South, Central and Southwest), covering the largest 100 cities in China and all the provinces of China. A tour of our new development opportunities included The Ritz Carlton Residences at L.A. LIVE in Downtown LA, The Carlyle Residences in the Wilshire district and several of our prime single-family residential listings.

To conclude the day’s tour, Paul and The Agency hosted a lunch in Beverly Hills attended by The Agency’s founders Mauricio Umansky and Billy Rose, Frank Buckley (Commercial), John Pallante (Vice President, Research and Planning) and Aileen Comora (Partner).

As further expansion of our International relationship with the Far East, The Agency recently met with the Chinese Index Advisory, among others, in Shanghai as part of The Luxury Properties Showcase International. The Agency was one of the featured exhibitors of at three day event. Stay tuned for a full report on the showcase and our recent trip to China.