Everybody has a bucket list.

Or if the thought of kicking the bucket is too unpleasant, let’s just call it a dream list.

Maybe you have not actually written out the items on your list (and you should) but somewhere, deep in your heart, there is a whirlwind of fantastical experiences, destinations and possessions you wish to enjoy. It could be sitting on the wood with Jack Nicholson at a Los Angeles Lakers game.  And if that is not adrenaline-inducing enough, perhaps playing a one-on-one game with your favorite NBA star is. If shooting for the stars is more your speed, a future trip to space on Virgin Galactic might need to be checked off the list as early as August 2014. Or maybe you would rather stay closer to home and host a small dinner party prepared by your favorite “Top Chef.”

airplaneWith the holiday season here, it is the perfect time to reflect, resolve and revise that dream list for you and your loved ones.

Often times, you have theses dreams but do not know who to engage to help you check them off the list.

That is where a company like Element Lifestyle can become your go-to resource.

Based in Los Angeles, Element offers their private members customized luxury travel and lifestyle experiences around the world. The genesis of the boutique company’s name comes from the desire to place their clients in their preferred element. That differs for everyone as does the range of requests the firm can field on any given day.

Often Element’s clients have a need for a unique and meaningful to gift their spouse or family. Element helps them dream by conceptualizing an event or experience that personally resonates with the client. For an anniversary gift, they organized a private tennis clinic for a client’s wife with legendary Pete Sampras. A Birken bag would have cost the same, but this was a memory that will not soon be forgotten.

From trekking with gorillas in Rwanda to sitting on the 50-yard line at the Super Bowl, firms such as Element exists to curate experiences that appeal to the most discriminating traveler and thrill seeker.