Indulging in a Starbucks peppermint mocha sure gets us in the holiday mood, but when life calls for a little more kick, it’s those reinventions of classic wintry drinks that get the job done. And unlike our East Coast friends, we Angelenos can enjoy the flavors of the season without the extra layers. Whether you prefer the taste of butterscotch or fancy hot chocolate, you’ll find Christmas in your cup at these seven bars and restaurants:

Oliverio Restaurant at Avalon Hotel, Beverly Hills
Home for the Holidays
The “Home for the Holidays” is made with house-infused cranberry-cinnamon vodka, creme de cacao, agave, lemon, and orange bitters. They also feature a fireside menu, which includes— among others—the “Yes, Mr. Scrooge, I’ll Work Christmas Eve” and, you guessed it, irresistible s’mores…the perfect companion to a crackling fire.

Abigaile, Hermosa Beach
The Callahan
“The Callahan” (photo above) is made with house-infused cinnamon, raisin rye whiskey, and orange and black walnut while you enjoy the festive decorations inside this brewery by the beach.

The Spare Room, The Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood
The Deep and Light
“The Deep and Light” is a mixture of green Chartreuse with hot chocolate, which is then topped with chestnut whipped cream and a dusting of dehydrated Chartreuse. This drink takes its cue from the French Alps where it’s known to locals as “Green Chaud”.

Circa, Manhattan Beach
The Horchata
The “Horchata” is a heated version of the traditional mexican iced drink. It’s made with Marcona almond milk, brown rice milk, and condensed milk with cinnamon, then spiked with mescal and anejo tequila.

Bestia, Downtown’s Arts District
The Flip
Notable mixologist Karen Grill makes the “Flip” by combining bourbon and Barolo Chinato—a red wine-based digestivo from Piedmont, Italy—with yolk and cream, creating an herbal, egg-noggy cocktail that goes down super smooth.

The Penthouse at The Huntley Hotel, Santa Monica
The Holiday Special
The “Holiday Special” is an espresso pumpkin martini made with Remy V Cognac, Monin pumpkin syrup, white Godiva liqueur & espresso.

Bigfoot West, Venice Blvd., Los Angeles
The Toasted Marshmallow
“Toasted Marshmallow” made with vanilla vodka, butterscotch liqueur, creme de cacao, Irish cream and toasted marshmallow—what they’re calling the campfire version of the white russian!