By Kofi Natei Nartey

As the Director of the Sports and Entertainment Division at The Agency, part of my job is staying dialed in to athletes, entertainers, and the homes they buy and sell. My own experience in sports and entertainment has kept me fascinated in events such as these. This year’s Super Bowl matchup is a great one and reminds us of some valuable lessons.

  1. Be the Best at Something. This year’s match up pits the NFL’s number one offense against the number one defense. Both teams have worked to become the best in opposite categories, yet managed to reach the same pinnacle of success. Figure out what your unique advantage is, and dominate that area of your field. Also, be clear in articulating this unique value proposition to your clients and prospects.
  2. Teamwork. This seems like an obvious one, but people often forget peripheral members of their team. For these two teams, it has taken the efforts of more than just the players on the field. The coaches, trainers, film staff, equipment staff, scouts, administrative staff, and several others have contributed towards their successful seasons. Take a moment to think of all the people who contribute to you being able to do your job well. Take the time to thank these people and figure out ways to work with them more effectively. (Don’t forget to thank your family, spouse or significant other.)
  3. Raving Fans. Both teams have amazing fans that have supported them through the good and the bad. The Seahawks even have a nickname for their fans, “12’s.” This is to represent the twelfth man. In life and business, it’s important to know who your biggest supporters are. These are the people who will sing your praises and tell others about you. Celebrate and acknowledge your biggest fans.
  4. Silence the Crowd. Both teams have the daunting task of blocking out the all of the hype of the game. On the field, they have to block out the screaming and yelling of the opposing team’s fans, and off the field, there is a plethora of positive and negative press. Whatever field you are in, you will have fans and foes as you move up the ladder. Don’t give either too much weight. Let your performance at your job speak for you. Then, celebrate your victories and silence the neigh sayers.
  5. Rise to the Occasion. Both teams worked hard and played hard to make it to the Super Bowl. The team that is victorious is the team that can best execute what it knows and rise to the occasion. In life and in business, we have opportunities to rise to the occasion. These are the moments when preparation meets opportunity. Embrace these moments, and focus on the execution of what you know over the outcome. With the right preparation behind you, you will achieve your desired outcome more often than not.

As always, Focus & Finish!