The Agency’s stunning $36 million listing at 1201 Laurel Way, Beverly Hills is in the television spotlight once again, this time on CNBC in a story about turnkey designer homes in the ultra-high-end real estate market.

“The house is done to the nines,” the home’s designer Michael Palumbo, of Palumbo Design, tells CNBC’s Diana Olick. “My mandate here was perfection, by the owner, and I think we achieved it.”

Real estate agenct Mauricio Umansky

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Dramatically encased in floor-to-ceiling glass, the 11,000-square-foot home not only offers arguably the best views of any home in Beverly Hills, it also offers every possible item you would need to call it home the minute you walk through the front door, from a fully stocked wine cellar to the Villeroy & Boch dinnerware to even the toothbrushes.

“The buyer who’s buying these homes doesn’t have time to shop or wait 16 weeks for furniture, or they don’t want to do three years of building their own and all the headaches and brain damage that goes along with building your own property,” says Palumbo.

Commenting on the type of buyers interested in a home like 1201 Laurel Way, Mauricio Umansky, Co-founder and CEO of The Agency, tells CNBC: “They want that immediate satisfaction, move into the house, throw a party the next day, be enjoying it and enjoying life.”

“It’s the new billionaire, that young billionaire that doesn’t have time to go through all of those things, would rather concentrate on business, on what they’re doing,” says Umansky.

Watch the CNBC story below and view our listing page for 1201 Laurel Way here.