Leave it to NASA to take photobombing to the next level. In this aerial shot taken of one of The Agency’s most exclusive listings, Innocence Island, you can see the Space Shuttle Atlantis attempting to steal the glory from the tropical paradise below.

Alright, so maybe we can’t blame Atlantis for just going about its daily orbit (for which it circled the earth nearly 5,000 times) but it’s worth mentioning that it picked an opportune time back on  July 10, 2011 to be caught on camera. What the red arrow is directing your attention to is Innocence Island, the largest private island available anywhere in the Bahamas.

Close-Up Look at Paradise: The exclusive view from the home on Innocence Island.

As evident from this photograph, the crystal-clear water and white-sand beaches can be seen from outer space, but what you can’t see are the full-service luxuries—private chefs, yachting adventures, island concierge—that become available to you when you lease the residence on this seahorse-shaped piece of paradise. Situated on the southernmost island in the Exuma chain, the island’s 6 bed/6 bath residence comes equipped with a full-service kitchen, pool, outdoor patios and fitness center.

After exploring the coves and beaches nearby, you can always head over to Long Island, just to the right of the arrow. It is here that the majestic Blue Hole Bay lies, another one of our listings flaunting 46 acres of turquoise water and sandy beach that wrap around the deepest undersea cave in the world. Totaling 180 acres of land and sea, the potential of this open-zoned area is boundless.

Innocence Island can be reached by charter plane from the U.S. or Nassau, or by car from Georgetown, followed by a short boat trip.

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