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The Agency is proud to announce that David Findley, named one of the top 15 real estate agents by REAL Trends Inc. and The Wall Street Journal, will be joining the team at its Beverly Hills headquarters. David brings with him more than 30 years of experience in the luxury real estate market and a reputation for being a passionate and committed advocate for his clients.

“I have long admired the collaborative spirit at The Agency,” David says, “and I’m honored and excited to join a team of friends and colleagues for whom I have tremendous respect. The Agency’s dynamic, full-service approach and incredible marketing platform puts us in a unique position to expose seller’s properties like I’ve never seen before.”

Drawing on three decades of experience in the luxury real estate market and a degree in psychology, David has dedicated himself to researching the most desirable neighborhoods in the world, identifying what sets them apart, and finding the ideal property for every client. From estates with an accompanying vineyard or an ocean for a front yard to stables and trails for horses or a designated helicopter pad, he matches clients with unique luxury properties that will change their lives. As a Certified International Property Specialist, David also works with international clients who are relocating or adding to their real estate portfolio overseas.

The Agency President and Co-Founder Billy Rose adds, “We are thrilled to welcome David to the team. He’s certainly no stranger to the industry, and has the negotiating skills, personality, and know-how to expertly handle all aspects of a successful transaction. He will undoubtedly prove to be an invaluable addition to our team.”

Prior to beginning his real estate career, David graduated from Vermont College of Norwich University with a degree in psychology and did graduate work in the counseling psychology program at Pacifica Graduate Institute. He spent several years facilitating personal growth seminars with an emphasis on personal responsibility and options for living a win-win focused life.

When he’s not assisting clients, David enjoys spending time with his spouse of over two decades, Dane Findley, and playing music. He counts his career in real estate among his greatest joys. “I don’t feel like I go to work, he says. “I feel like I go out to play with my friends.”