In her quarterly contribution to real estate publication RealTrends, Rainy Hake Austin shared some business insights for the new year, penning the article “5 ways to grow your business in 2022.” With decades of real estate experience behind her, The Agency’s president shares strategic business planning tips that will help take agents’ business to the next level.

So, set aside some time to focus, grab a cup of coffee, pen and paper. Here are 5 ways to give your business a major boost.

  1. Perform a business review. It’s time to audit your past year’s performance to see what was most successful and what needs improvement. This will help inform how to adjust your strategy for the best success. Also take a look at your scheduling, time management, efficiencies, marketing initiatives, digital strategy, and recent analytics for insights.

  1. Outline your goals. What are your top three goals for the coming year? Put them on paper, visualize, and manifest them into reality. Map out three ways for each that you can work to achieve them.

  1. Know your differentiators. What makes you different than the rest? Outlining your differentiating factors is key for growth and will help you know how to best market and present yourself to new and existing clients.

  1. Get creative. Think beyond numbers and focus on other aspects of your business. Where are unique areas that might present opportunities for growth?

  1. Keep up with tech. Stay informed on the latest and greatest tech as it plays a major part in the real estate process and could be the key to unlocking your own efficiencies and growth.

Read Rainy’s full article here.