The Agency is proud to be a world leader in the next wave of luxury residential and mixed-use developments. We provide our clientele with innovative and comprehensive sales, marketing and management solutions to create the greatest value-per-square-foot and ensure that their property is competitive in today’s complex market. Our network of top-flight agents, industry analysts and in-house designers puts The Agency in a unique position to offer developers service of the highest quality, and to guide homebuyers in their acquisition of residences of lasting value catered specifically to their lifestyles.

Our comprehensive service begins as early as pre-development planning and continues all the way through creative marketing, to sales with our top-producing team of agents and brokers. Using the most emergent technologies and social media strategies, along with an expert in-house research and design team, we tailor planning, marketing and sales uniquely to your new development. Developing with The Agency means more than just getting a real estate brokerage; it means getting a lifestyle company committed to meeting your needs, connecting you with global communities, and creating the perfect luxury property for you and for the community in which it is located.

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