Edison - Phoenix, AZ

Edison is one of the first lifestyle brands to apply the principles of authenticity and integrity to modern urban living. Smart, intelligent, community, authentic, warm, modern, simple, seamless, efficient, innovator, reformer, integrity, nature …the writing’s on the wall.  

Located in the heart of Midtown, Edison offers a range of modern, urban amenities to enhance the lifestyle of our residents. With a 2,00sq. ft Fitness Center and 60’ Pool, the Edison truly succeeds in its goal of creating an urban oasis in the center of it all. From technology and security to convenience and leisure, the amenities at Edison Midtown make the community as smart as it is stylish.

Unique to Phoenix, the Midtown neighborhood is a hub for work and play with a diverse and expanding mix of culture and recreation unlike most areas in the Valley. This distinctive neighborhood is unparalleled with its access to health and wellness, entertainment, dining, shopping and education!

For more information, please visit liveatedison.com or call 602.441.4669.