Discover a Place Where Natural Beauty and Casual Elegance Blend for an Authentic
Costa Rican Experience

Situated in an exotic part of the world, a unique and extraordinary place exists. Naturally inspiring. Almost timeless, and truly authentic. Welcome to Costa Rica. Welcome home to Hacienda Pinilla.

At Hacienda Pinilla in Guanacaste, Costa Rica you will find a place where you can truly relax and rediscover those things most cherished and often missing from everyday life. It’s an exclusive tropical retreat where the long legacy of a Costa Rican ranch meets the shores of the sparkling Pacific.


Not Just Another Day at the Ranch

With three-miles of pristine Pacific coastline, Hacienda Pinilla’s 4,500 acres of ranch and oceanfront property, stunning beaches, great surf breaks and untouched natural landscapes offer you privacy, and room to roam free.  Hacienda Pinilla is an exclusive golf and beach resort community boasting three of Costa Rica’s finest beaches and a signature golf course that spills into the ocean. With an array of real estate opportunities including large custom home sites, luxury Villas and Private Residence Club all combine with a seemingly endless array of amenities…Hacienda Pinilla offers you the best in a Pura Vida lifestyle.

At Hacienda Pinilla you will find a special place where you can soak in spectacular sunsets as you walk along a secluded Costa Rica beach or enjoy a hike among ancient tropical trees that have been used for centuries to provide shade for local Sabaneros (cowboys) and their horses. A place where great weather makes leisurely bike rides, a great day of golf, a rejuvenating spa visit or exceptional dining under a billion stars, simply, perfect. You will find it all here, in this place called Hacienda Pinilla – An Authentic Costa Rican Experience.


The Hacienda Club – A Dream Vacation Home…for a Fraction of the Price

For those who want to own a luxury vacation home in Costa Rica and Hacienda Pinilla but may only use their second home 6-8 weeks per year, the exclusive Hacienda Club may be just what you are looking.

This luxury Private Residence Club is designed to offer a carefree way to own a retreat in paradise without the costs and typical upkeep associated with international home ownership. Hacienda Club Owners enjoy a variety of world-class amenities including Hacienda Pinilla’s 3-miles of Pacific coastline, 3-world class beaches with some of the best surf breaks in Guanacaste. Owners also enjoy full membership to our popular Beach Club and the signature championship golf course and the personal services of a boutique hotel…all for a fraction of the price.


The Carefree Way to Own and Enjoy Paradise

The Hacienda Club offers you a grand beautifully furnished and professionally maintained three or four-bedroom vacation home to use as your home away from home as much as you wish, only limited by the equitable reservation policies.

As an Owner at the Hacienda Club, you are purchasing an undivided, 1/8th deeded interest in one of the Club’s luxuriously furnished Spanish Colonial Villas with all the spectacular amenities of this exclusive resort community.

You just show up and enjoy, your Hacienda Club staff takes care of the rest.

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To discuss the unique opportunity to buy a residence at Hacienda Pinilla, contact The Agency’s Michael Grady, Director, Residential Estates at 424 354 2929.