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The Agency Welcomes Monique Navarro To The Team

Aug. 31, 2015
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The Agency is excited to announce that Mexico City-born Monique Navarro will be joining the team in Brentwood. Touting years of experience in public relations, including event planning for a variety of celebrity affairs and even serving as a translator for a government branch of Mexico, Monique is an incredibly dynamic asset to the firm… Read more

The Agency Welcomes Emil Hartoonian To The Team

Jul. 16, 2015
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The Agency is proud to announce that Emil Hartoonian, one of the top producing agents in the Calabasas and Hidden Hills markets, will be joining the team. Emil, who brings with him more than 12 years of experience in the real estate and mortgage lending business, will be Managing Partner and Principal of The Agency’s… Read more

The Agency Welcomes Samuel Vaden To The Team

Jun. 24, 2015
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The Agency is excited to welcome Samuel Vaden to its growing team of top-flight agents working out of the company’s Brentwood office. Having co-founded both an advertising technology and digital music startup in Santa Monica, Samuel can not only relate to clients within these creative industries but knows firsthand how important collaborative teamwork, camaraderie and… Read more

The Agency Welcomes Gloria Castellanos To The Team

Jun. 18, 2015
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The Agency is proud to announce that Gloria Castellanos will be joining the team at the company’s Westside location in Brentwood. With 15 years of experience, Gloria is established as one of the real estate community’s most successful Latinas, bringing extensive insight and experience to The Agency, serving Corporate clients, the Latin Entertainment community, as… Read more

The Agency Welcomes Ari Afshar And Amir Jawaherian To The Team

Mar. 13, 2015
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The Agency is proud to announce that Ari Afshar and Amir Jawaherian–one a native son of Beverly Hills, the other a Brooklynite turned global citizen, both top producing real estate agents–will be joining the team at The Agency’s global headquarters in Beverly Hills. Their business partnership “AriAmir” embodies a truly impressive confluence of cultures that moves… Read more

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