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The Top Must-Have Luxury Phone Apps

Jul. 8, 2015
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You can now turn to your mobile device for just about anything, whether in need of fashion inspiration, the latest luxury watch, a private jet for a last minute holiday or all-around VIP treatment, it’s no secret that the world is accessible from a phone. In a recent article documenting current styles, highlighted were five… Read more

Launching Watchville: The Time For a Luxury Watch App Is Now

Nov. 24, 2014
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First impressions often start with a firm shake of the hand, maybe a crisp suit and a nod of confidence. We know an exquisite time piece wrapped around your wrist can immediately set you apart as a distinguished gentleman. The perfect watch is a mark of distinction, a conversation starter and a trinket that can… Read more

Gwyneth Paltrow Creates Los Angeles City-Guide App

Jan. 5, 2013
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What does it take to spend an entire day shopping, dining, and primping like our blogstar pal Gwyneth Paltrow? The Academy-award winning actress, who has homes in London, New York City, and the Hamptons, has chosen Los Angeles as her latest city to feature in her mobile app, goop city guides. Adapted from her weekly… Read more

5 Networking Apps Taking The Place Of Business Cards

Dec. 12, 2012
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Recent technology has propelled business networking into a new “smart” era powered by online social networks and mobile devices, all the while driving the age old business card ever closer to extinction. Sharing this sentiment is a recent New York Times article, which reveals that people are more likely to exchange Twitter handles or connect to one… Read more

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