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The LA Auto Show: The Future In Focus

Dec. 12, 2014
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Auto enthusiasts showed up in packs to sip beer and look at powerful machines last week. The testosterone was palpable, offset with the elegance and sexy curves of the beautiful luxury vehicles, the 2014 LA Auto show made its debut. With top car manufacturers coming to reveal it all; some showed strength and performance, a… Read more

Audi Aims To Win Hollywood Over

Jul. 24, 2013
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The Hollywood Reporter recently took a look at Audi’s push to take over Hollywood, and spoke with The Agency’s CEO and co-founder Mauricio Umansky, an Audi owner, about the German automaker’s appeal. Summing it up in one sentence, Mauricio commented: “I wanted something that wasn’t gaudy but comfortable and elegant.” The article examines Audi’s efforts… Read more

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