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Luxurious Hollywood Living Offered With The Services Of A Fine Boutique Hotel

Jun. 24, 2016
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Hollywood has a new star: Hollywood Proper, the neighborhood’s first refined long-term stay building, is ready for its moment in the spotlight. With completion in 2016 and created by the founders of the Viceroy Hotel Group, in partnership with Kilroy Realty Group, Hollywood Proper sits in the heart of Columbia Square offering 200 one to three-bedroom… Read more

The Sommelier Selection: Ben Belack Serves Up Some Refreshing Wines to Help You Stay Cool this Summer

May. 7, 2015
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Here at The Agency’s HQ in Beverly Hills, things are really heating up. And, not just the housing market, I’m talking about the actual temperature. That’s right, we’re in the throws of spring and with summer nearly upon us, who’s in the mood for an inky, bold, bone-dry, teeth-stained-purple glass of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon?… Read more

The Sommelier Selection: Dry Vs. Mouth-Watering Wines

Mar. 13, 2015
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Hello, and welcome back to the Sommelier Selection!  Let’s get started on a topic I’ve been looking forward to delving into for a while now.  To refresh, one of the primary goals of this ongoing blog is to demystify the buying and ordering process of wines you’re unfamiliar with.  And, this discussion is of monumental… Read more

Sommelier Selection: The Agency’s Ben Belack Sits Down With The Wine Director Of Republique

Jan. 15, 2015
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This week I was able to steal Taylor Parsons away for a glass of vino and a casual chat. This was no easy task, as he is the conductor of the food and wine orchestra that is Republique LA. Taking over the old Campanile space on La Brea, a culinary institution of Los Angeles for… Read more

The Sommelier Selection: Last Minute Gifts Meant To Impress But Not Break The Bank

Dec. 22, 2014
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I know. You’re freaking out. You have to get some last minute gifts in the form of wine and spirits, and you have no idea where to start. Gifting the right adult beverage can really leave a lasting impact, but let’s be serious here, you don’t want to break the bank. More importantly, you don’t want… Read more

The Sommelier Selection With The Agency’s Ben Belack: New Vs. Old World Wine Styles

Nov. 25, 2014
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What does that mean anyway?   Wait, isn’t there only one world?  Earth, right?  Sorry to disappoint you sci-fi fans, but we’re talking about wine here, people.  Let’s get started with the entry that inspired me to start this wine blog in the first place. Although the distinction between the Old and New Worlds is… Read more

The Sommelier Selection With The Agency’s Ben Belack: Champagne Day

Oct. 24, 2014
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What do you mean it’s Champagne Day? I thought that was every Friday. Apparently, October 24 is the day where we – as a planet – have a glass of bubbles and toast collectively. And, I know that I promised that the next entry would breakdown the differences between wines of the Old World versus those of the New, but I feel like we’re totally capable of being spontaneous. So, let’s take a moment to discuss one of history’s most special and complex wines which is often overlooked and outshined by the speech it’s paired with.

The Sommelier Selection With The Agency’s Ben Belack

Oct. 10, 2014
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Remember the last time you were out to dinner, feeling a sudden rush of anxiety as you were presented the wine list? Need to gift a bottle of wine to your future father-in-law who is grooming you to take over the family empire and has an affinity for Brunello Di Montalcino? Frequently resorting to “This tastes oaky” as your go-to description of ALL wines? Have you ever said, “I can’t tell the difference between a $10 bottle of wine and a $100 bottle of wine,” as if that’s a good thing? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, A. You need some help. And, B. You’re in luck.

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