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Impeccable Design And Exceptional Cuisine Converge In L.A.


While a no-frills, greasy spoon still has its place in American cuisine, restaurants that focus on the entire dining experience – from design to service to food – are where the chic want to be. These 5 Los Angeles restaurants provide exceptional experiences in thoughtfully designed spaces. Maude With just 25 seats, Curtis Stone’s Maude… Read more

One-Night Stands Of The Chef Kind Continue At Bestia

Nov. 6, 2012
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It’s opening night every night for the rotating roster of chefs who are breaking in the kitchen of the newly completed Arts District restaurant Bestia as a part of the pop-up chef movement known as Test Kitchen.The concept, first popularized in 2010, allows chefs with an experimental stage for which to test new ideas before their… Read more

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