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A Summer Book List For Every Occasion

May. 31, 2016
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The perfect season for soaking up the extra sunlight and catching up on life-enriching books is upon us. We’ve curated a short list of insightful books worth reading this summer: works to inspire, to add to your intellect and to make you laugh for whichever mood may strike. To wind down before bed: The Sleep Revolution… Read more

Tommy Hilfiger Pens Book To Be Released In October

Feb. 22, 2016
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Most widely known for his multi-billion dollar brand, Tommy Hilfiger is set to publish a dual-focused book about the story of his life, and his business. Set to be published by Random House in October, American Dreamer is described as “the definitive memoir of a timeless fashion icon.” “It’s been months and months of writing,”… Read more

Alex Brunkhorst Of The Agency Pens Fiction Novel

Nov. 13, 2015
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In September, The Agency was honored to celebrate the launch of The Gilded Life of Matilda Duplaine, a novel written by The Agency’s own, Alex Brunkhorst. Using her familiarity with the estates of the elite in Hollywood to inform parts of the book, Alex crafted the real estate in the story almost like a character… Read more

Modern Masterpieces Become Edible Works of Art

Apr. 14, 2013
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How sophisticated is your pallete? In her new book, Modern Arts Desserts, pastry chef Caitlin Freeman turns iconic works of art into edible art that you, too, can bake right at home. The desserts she includes celebrate art by Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Henri Matisse, Jeff Koons, Frida Kahlo, and Wayne Thiebaud, among others. Each… Read more

Ezra Stoller, Photographer: Modernist Architecture’s Influential Image Maker

Dec. 16, 2012
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Photographer Ezra Stoller’s striking images of many of the 20th century’s most important architectural landmarks, such as the Guggenheim Museum and Fallingwater, have, in some ways, become as familiar and memorable as the building themselves. Now, a long-awaited monograph, entitled Ezra Stoller, Photographer, offers a thorough and beautifully illustrated look at the influential architectural photographer’s full range… Read more

Diane Keaton’s New Book ‘House’ Showcases Re-Imagined Living Spaces

Oct. 17, 2012
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Known most widely for her legendary work in theater and film, Oscar winner Diane Keaton has devoted considerable time over the years to pursuing her passion for architecture and design. She is actively involved in architectural preservation here in Los Angeles, and she’s been prolific in purchasing and restoring a number of homes, including the… Read more

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