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Santa Monica’s Casually Cool Beachside Lifestyle In High Demand

Apr. 21, 2016
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Santa Monica has long been the image of the Southern California lifestyle, with its picturesque beachfront, bustling pier and iconic Ferris wheel. Local life revolves around the outdoors, evidenced by its boardwalk teeming with visitors, joggers and bikers enjoying the fresh, sea air and ocean vistas. The city offers a blend of laid-back beachy vibe… Read more

Luxury Pop-Up ‘Glamping’ With Shelter Co.

Mar. 25, 2013
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The arrival of Spring in California brings out a desire to hit the open road and sleep beneath the stars without leaving all the modern luxuries of home at, well, home. California-based Shelter Co. solves that problem by making sure those things are there when you arrive, no matter how far flung your California destination… Read more

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