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The Demand For Supercars Has Never Been Stronger

Jan. 20, 2016
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The 2016 McLaren 675LT epitomizes the advancement of performance, style and technology of today’s supercars. Weighing in at a lithe 2,927 pounds, the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 meanders from zero to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds, topping out at 205 mph. While the 675LT is incredible on many levels, it’s just a small example of… Read more

The Agency And O’Gara Coach Reveal Rolls Royce Dawn

Nov. 23, 2015
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The Agency and O’Gara Coach, purveyor of fine luxury autos, including Aston Martin, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bentley and more, unveiled the Rolls Royce Dawn at the exclusive 11-bedroom, $45 million Mediterranean estate at 200 Delfern Drive. Collectively, both the luxury automobile and Holmby Hills estate exalt impeccable craftsmanship and superior design that impressed all in attendance…. Read more

Range Rover Officially Launches New Convertible

Nov. 19, 2015
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The first luxury compact soft-top convertible has entered the market: the Range Rover Evoque Convertible was created for all seasons. Uniquely designed with world-class engineering in mind, the hard top version of the Evoque has become Land Rover’s most popular vehicle in history, finding 10,000 new owners each month. Able to to off-road without flinching,… Read more

Lamborghini’s SUV To Arrive In 2018

Jul. 9, 2015
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After many years of speculation, automobile maker Lamborghini announced that it will add an SUV to its line of luxury models. An article in Forbes Life stated that the SUV, dubbed the Urus, will be produced at Lamborghini’s Sant’ Agata Bolognese factory. This additional luxury design necessitates an expansion, and the company will add 500 employees… Read more

Aston Martin Seeks Women Drivers

Jun. 11, 2015
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Aston Martin is looking to broaden its appeal with a new incentive that targets women drivers. In a Wall Street Journal article it was stated that the British car manufacturer, most notably known for their role in James Bond films, desires to reposition itself as luxury lifestyle brand that suits and captivates women to a… Read more

Holiday How-To: Gift Your Car The Right Way

Dec. 18, 2014
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Not all presents fit nicely underneath the Christmas tree, but that’s no reason to skimp on the presentation, especially if what you’re gifting is a sleek new car. If you’ve already purchased (or thinking about purchasing) fancy wheels for that special someone, you’ll probably need a few tips on how to leave the right impression…. Read more

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