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Four Ways To Avoid Bad Curb Appeal

Aug. 17, 2014
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The exterior of your home is a direct reflection of you as an individual and as a property owner. Clearly a well-kept home with a maintained lawn shows that you value your property and your neighborhood as a whole. Yet, although your friends love that quirky, artistic side of you, it isn’t necessarily a trait you want displayed too flamboyantly on the exterior of your home. By taking too much artistic license with your curb appeal (or ignoring it all together), you may end up not only devaluing your own property, but the value of your neighbor’s homes as well. Sloppy or garish properties are not exclusive to older dwellings or up-and-coming communities – bad habits are on display in new developments too.

When To Use Shutters To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Feb. 27, 2014
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We are all familiar with shutters and what they look like. They are a standard decorative detail that suits a myriad of architectural styles, both new and old. However, before you invest in what could be a drastic change to the appearance of your home (as well as your curb appeal), it’s important to know what to consider.

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