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Eat, Stay, Play Guide To Ibiza

Jun. 1, 2016
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Ibiza is a destination not to be missed. One of the most energetic cities in the Mediterranean, Ibiza plays a beautiful balancing act, where tranquility forms the day and vibrant energy sweeps the night. The upcoming summer months create the perfect opportunity to embrace the city’s magnetic and luxurious quality of life, and we’ve got a… Read more

Filmmaker Jason Baffa On Navigating The Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Jan. 30, 2014
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No matter how many times you’ve traveled up the coast, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival presents an entirely fresh opportunity to explore the countryside you already love, with over 200 films being shown over the course of 11 days beginning this Thursday, January 30. Yet how should a film (and wine) aficionado approach one… Read more

Disney/ABC Studios At The Ranch Approved By L.A. County

Sep. 5, 2013
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Lights, Camera, Action! The Walt Disney Co. was officially given the greenlight by county lawmakers last week to build a new studio lot near Santa Clarita, the third largest city in Los Angeles County. Disney/ABC Studios at The Ranch—as it will be called—will consist of up to 12 soundstages, offices, bungalows, a commissary and parking… Read more

Where To Watch Outdoor Movies In L.A. This Summer

May. 31, 2013
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Picnic with friends, pass the wine, and lean back as you enjoy a movie under the stars: it’s summertime in L.A., and we’re a population keen on transforming indoor activities into outdoor experiences. The season-long celebration of food, music, and movies is presented in open-air venues from parks to cemeteries (yes, we said cemeteries) throughout… Read more

Tribeca Film Festival Opens in New York

Apr. 17, 2013
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The worlds of art, film, and music are once again converging on the city of New York as an estimated 3 million people are expected to attend the 12th Annual Tribeca Film Festival in theaters across Lower Manhattan. Opening the festival tonight will be the music documentary “Mistaken for Strangers,” a tale about the indie… Read more

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