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Hot Design: The Safretti Vertigo Fireplace By Porsche Design Studio

Feb. 19, 2013
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It took two years and some of the best engineers in the field to create the Vertigo Fireplace for Safretti, a Western European manufacturer that is redefining “setting the mood.” Designed by the Porsche Design Studio out of Austria, this innovative fireplace not only uses new safe burning technology but does so within a contemporary… Read more

Wood-Burning Ovens Are The New Coveted Home Cooking ‘Appliance’

Nov. 29, 2012
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Top chefs from Los Angeles to New York are shunning traditional gas or electric methods for home cooking in favor of high-end, custom-installed wood-burning ovens and hearths. In a new video report from the Wall Street Journal (watch above), Wendy Bounds talks with “Mansion” reporter Katy McLaughlin and NYC chef Frank Prisinzano about this growing trend… Read more

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