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Eye On Architecture: The Mirage House

Jun. 26, 2014
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This week we take you to a unique house embedded within the rocky Greek island of Tinos — though on first glance, you might not even see it. This is because, when looking out across the blue vastness of the Aegean Sea, you almost don’t detect anything at all resembling four walls and a roof. Called the… Read more

Eye On Architecture: The Coolest Pharmacy Ever

Jun. 5, 2014
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We’re accustomed to seeing pharmacies as white boxes and the back corners of drugstores, but KLAB Architecture has designed a pharmacy in Athens, Greece that changes all that. Their “placebo pharmacy” looks like a spiraling cylinder, and could just as easily be mistaken for a museum or art gallery. The octagonal shape of the existing structure was re-formed… Read more

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