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A Look Inside The Tax Haven Home Office


When your workplace doubles as the place you call home, you never have to miss a meeting again—let alone endure traffic or other inconveniences associated with traveling to and from work. Within the coveted Royal Oaks Estates of Encino is a space where work and home life seamlessly combine, providing the luxury of convenience as… Read more

The Increasing Value Of A Home Office

Jan. 28, 2013
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Technology continues to exert a dramatic impact on our economy; iPads, smart phones, Wi-Fi, virtual offices continue to change the manner in which we work. It’s now a reality that more than 30 million Americans conduct some business from their home. That ability to shift the paradigm of the typical workday, so as to not have to drive miles through traffic-choked freeways to sit at a desk, is enhanced and accommodated by having a legitimate workspace in your home.

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