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The Agency Teams With Supper Club For ‘Killer’ Dexter Bash

Oct. 8, 2013
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To commemorate the series finale of the hit Showtime show Dexter, The Agency partnered with Tamsin Lonsdale’s The Supper Club  to host a “killer” party at the former home of Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall. A candle lit stone stairway welcomed guests into the Spanish Revival home’s enchanting courtyard garden and outdoor dining area while a flamenco… Read more

OMG! Insider Airs The Agency’s Tour of Dexter Actor’s Home

The popular Showtime series Dexter airs its final episode this Sunday, wrapping up the show’s eight seasons. Star of the show, Michael C. Hall, is also embracing change when it comes to his personal life, as he has just put his Hollywood Hills home on the market. The Agency’s Mauricio Umansky and Josh Myler appeared on OMG! Insider… Read more

The Agency’s Josh Myler On Life In Sunset Square

As a neighborhood resource for parents and soon-to-be parents in and around Los Angeles, The Agency’s Michelle Schwartz is interviewing dynamic moms and dads and asking for their valuable insights on the neighborhoods they live in. Today, Michelle talks with our very own Josh Myler, Director of the Residential Division at The Agency. Originally from the Bay Area, Josh lives in West Hollywood… Read more

The Sci-Future Is Now In Luxury Home Automation


In Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, Harrison Ford’s character casually walks into his apartment and turns on all of the systems (e.g. lights, sound) by voice automation. This was imaginative and cool because it wasn’t a facet of everyday life most people considered to be possible. Today, those little nuances have become big business and are surely an integral part of life, as we know it.

Staying Ahead Of The Curve: Key Take-Aways From A C.A.R. Course

Feb. 20, 2012
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Joshua Myler The Agency

Good real estate agents pride themselves on their knowledge and experience. One attributing factor for this is their openness to learn and their desire to stay ahead of the curve. They understand the importance of continuing their education to help bolster confidence and, in turn, encourage self-reliance.

The Agency’s Josh Myler On Being A Part Of Something Meaningful

Jan. 5, 2012
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Joshua Myler The Agency

The Agency’s Josh Myler writes about the importance of being a part of an organization you believe in after our first weekly meeting of 2012. The meetings, held every Tuesday, allow agents to explore opportunities together and share information about listings and market trends. This type of collaboration is key to the mission of partnership at The Agency.

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