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Housing Trend: New Homes-Turned-Rentals On The Rise

Nov. 4, 2013
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While the American dream of owning a home is still very much alive, it is on the decline as homeownership falls to its lowest level since 1995 and more people are content with renting a home. Now, a new report from the Wall Street Journal reveals that more single-family homes across the nation are being… Read more

Five Los Angeles Luxury Rental Homes, From $6,000 To $220,000 Per Month


You don’t have to be a full-time Angeleno or be followed by paparazzi to enjoy star treatment in the Los Angeles area. We’ve scouted the city (and our property listings) in search of luxury homes that are sure to fit your desired mood and timetable, whether your stint in town is brief or lasting an… Read more

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