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Art Basel Makes Miami The Place To Be This Weekend

Dec. 4, 2015
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For several days in early December, Miami Beach morphs into the global center of contemporary art. Now through December 6, the world’s art elite, trendsetters and billionaires flock to the Miami Beach Convention Center to view and invest in pieces from the world’s finest artists in nearly every genre: from painting, sculpture, installations, photographs, film and more,… Read more

Range Rover Officially Launches New Convertible

Nov. 19, 2015
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The first luxury compact soft-top convertible has entered the market: the Range Rover Evoque Convertible was created for all seasons. Uniquely designed with world-class engineering in mind, the hard top version of the Evoque has become Land Rover’s most popular vehicle in history, finding 10,000 new owners each month. Able to to off-road without flinching,… Read more

Michelin Announces 2016 Stars For Hong Kong And Macau

Nov. 12, 2015
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Michelin, the publisher of exclusive annual restaurant and hotel guides for more than 100 years, recently released their 2016 stars for Hong Kong and Macau. Michelin Guides are synonymous with culinary experiences that are above and beyond the ordinary, and only a handful of cities throughout the world are featured. In addition to Hong Kong… Read more

The Top Must-Have Luxury Phone Apps

Jul. 8, 2015
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You can now turn to your mobile device for just about anything, whether in need of fashion inspiration, the latest luxury watch, a private jet for a last minute holiday or all-around VIP treatment, it’s no secret that the world is accessible from a phone. In a recent article documenting current styles, highlighted were five… Read more

The Meaning Of Luxury, Explored In 10 Objects

May. 28, 2015
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The V&A Museum in London is a mecca for luxury and in a new exhibit titled, What is Luxury? visitors are invited to explore why certain designs are deemed to be luxurious, as well as  begs the inquiry as to what the future of luxury will bring. The show purposes to answer the complex question the exhibit… Read more

Eye on Architecture: The Hotel de Glace

Jan. 21, 2015
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To stay in accommodations carved out of ice, you usually have to travel all the way to Sweden or Norway. North America has its very own ice hotel, however, and it’s a doozy: the Hotel de Glace, in Quebec City. With 44 cold rooms and suites to choose from – starting at $199 and running… Read more

Launching Watchville: The Time For a Luxury Watch App Is Now

Nov. 24, 2014
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First impressions often start with a firm shake of the hand, maybe a crisp suit and a nod of confidence. We know an exquisite time piece wrapped around your wrist can immediately set you apart as a distinguished gentleman. The perfect watch is a mark of distinction, a conversation starter and a trinket that can… Read more

The Agency Top 10: Best Hotel Suites In The World

Nov. 14, 2014
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1. The Sultan’s Suite, Çirağan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul How many hotel suites go back to the 16th Century? Originally built of wood way back then, and then turned into the residence of the last Ottoman Sultans, this incredible palace was completely remodeled and rebuilt in marble for Sultan Abdülaziz in 1857. Now it’s a lavish… Read more

Your Guide To An Endless Summer Picnic In Los Angeles

Jul. 26, 2013
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Don’t let these long summer days slip away. It’s only Fall’s nature to creep closer towards an evening of outdoor movies or alfresco dining, yet there’s still time to check those activities off your summer-to-do list, like sharing a leisurely meal in the park, on the beach, or by the mountains. Los Angeles offers a… Read more

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