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Introducing AIRE, Santa Monica’s Newest Residential Offering

Sep. 1, 2016
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With the coveted Santa Monica lifestyle in high demand, a new boutique residential offering making its debut in the heart of the seaside community captures its vibrant spirit, casual vibe and outdoorsy lifestyle. Recently featured in Mansion Global as the newest eco-friendly residential offering in “Silicon Beach”, AIRE Santa Monica presents a collection of 19… Read more

The Role Of Timing In The Luxury Market

Jul. 22, 2016
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Blog_The Role Of Timing In The Luxury Market

When purchasing luxury real estate or investment properties, timing is truly of the essence. Market trends and peak seasons play a significant role in purchasing habits and pricing. Also likely coming into play are the buyer’s personal needs and desires to seek substantial savings wherever possible. Agents navigate the market by keeping an eye on… Read more

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