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Allure of Vineyard Ownership In New Zealand Rises As Grape Values Jump

Aug. 23, 2012
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Great news in New Zealand as the prices of the 2013 vintages are on the rise – up over $500 per ton. The Marlborough region‘s renowned Sauvignon Blanc is now trading at $1,800 per ton and up to $3,000 per ton for Pinot Noir. One reason the market is picking up is that there are no… Read more

Bruce and Joanne Kerner: Living The American Dream In New Zealand

May. 21, 2012
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Kerner Estate

The proverbial American Dream isn’t one that’s always fulfilled on U.S. soil. Just ask Joanne and Bruce Kerner, two television producers who found success and well-being more than 7,000 miles away on the South Island of New Zealand. As a second act to prolific careers in Hollywood, the couple bought 99-acres of land in the… Read more

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