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Cindy Sherman Spotlights Reality Of Aging In Metro Pictures Exhibit

May. 23, 2016
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In a culture consumed by the pursuit of perpetual youth, Cindy Sherman confronts the reality of aging in a long-awaited new collection of photographs. The now 60-year-old artist stars in sixteen life-size, full-color portraits as unidentified women from the Golden Age of cinema, expressing defiance and unmistakable strength in the face of tragedy. Her first… Read more

Pier 24: The Hidden Photography Exhibit In San Francisco

May. 12, 2015
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A nondescript warehouse. A door guarded by a single, lonely buzzer. No other visual acknowledgments to hint that, between the walls of the building at Pier 24 in San Francisco, lies one of the largest private collections, square footage wise, of photographic art in The United States. A visit makes one feel like he or… Read more

Sunset Strip Market Presents Robert Landau’s “Rock ‘N’ Roll Billboards Of The Sunset Strip”

Jul. 24, 2013
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When music legends like Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan were dominating radio waves, another type of artist—sign painters—were enjoying their heyday on the famed music boulevard known as The Sunset Strip. Here to take us on a journey to explore the work of this lost art form is photographer Robert Landau, who, while just a… Read more

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