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The Secret To Pocket Listings

Feb. 14, 2013
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The real estate market here in the San Fernando Valley and LA’s Westside is undergoing a robust rebound from the multi-year lows of the past recession. Buyers are once again encountering the all too familiar scenario of frenzied bidding, often competing with multiple investors whom are offering all cash.

Three Essentials For Securing The Best Sales Price

Mar. 13, 2012
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I am often asked how to achieve the highest sales price in today’s market. My answer: It’s all about Presentation, Pricing and Strategy. Your home is seen for the first time only once. Make it count. Bring in a painter and/or handyman and make the home look well tended. Eliminate knickknacks and other clutter that can make a home feel cramped and can create dissonance in a buyer’s brain. Remember, most buyers don’t have vision, so if the house is vacant, or the furnishings are a terrible mishmash, consider good staging.

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