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Luxury Train Travel In The Sky

Feb. 24, 2016
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In today’s business culture, travel time is of peak importance. While locomotives were the preferred mode of transportation of a bygone era, the comforts and design live on in the Airbus ACJ319 jet. Created for a company in Asia, The Airbus Corporate Jet Centre in Toulouse, France has recently completed an art deco-inspired custom cabin…. Read more

Private Jet-Sharing Startup Blackjet Is ‘Uber For Airplanes’

Nov. 17, 2012
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From the same people who brought us on-demand black-car service Uber comes BlackJet, a jet-sharing service and mobile app that  connects people with empty seats in their private jets with people willing to pay to fill those seats. Once you become a member of the site ($2500/year), you are guaranteed a seat on any flights in… Read more

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