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The Agency’s Guide To Palm Springs

Jul. 11, 2014
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Palm Springs is hot (no really, it’s like 115 right now). I’m talking about the heat Palm Springs has been getting the last few years. Some will say that this happens every 20 years or so, and that this is just another instance in the usual cycle. But this is different. There is definitely a renaissance happening.

Resort Homes Are Hot Trend For 2014, Mauricio Umansky Tells FOX Business

Jan. 28, 2014
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The Agency’s CEO and Co-founder Mauricio Umansky appeared on FOX Business Monday morning to discuss the latest emerging trends in luxury real estate. At the top of his “hot” list for 2014 are vacation homes, especially “drive-to” resort homes like the Oceanfront Casitas and Ocean Golf Villas at Terranea, located amidst the pristine coastline of… Read more

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