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Homes In San Fernando Valley Sell A More Affordable Version Of Los Angeles Chic

Mar. 29, 2016
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In his latest column on MarketWatch, The Agency’s Edward Fitz creates strong talking points of the benefits of living in the San Fernando Valley. The neighborhoods in the Valley were originally inhabited by GIs after returning home from the war in the 1940s. The Southern California climate, affordability and sense of community were what created the appeal—and… Read more

Ventura Boulevard Magazine Covers The Agency’s Great Northern Expansion


In the business of real estate, word of mouth has always been king. Craig Knizek, Debra Jaffe and Michelle Schwartz of The Agency are finding that reinforcing that culture in the Valley comes rather naturally. The three power brokers recount stories and exchange real estate adage in an article for Ventura Boulevard Magazine. As Craig remarked… Read more

Jennifer Berson On Life In Sherman Oaks

As a neighborhood resource for parents and soon-to-be parents in and around Los Angeles, The Agency’s Michelle Schwartz is interviewing dynamic moms and dads and asking for their valuable insights on the neighborhoods they live in. Today, Michelle talks with Jennifer Berson, founder and president of Jeneration PR. A native of Southern California, Jennifer lives in Sherman Oaks with… Read more

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