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Details Of 4-acre Creative Campus Unveiled In Hollywood

Jun. 23, 2014
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Los Angeles developer Kilroy Realty Corp. just unveiled plans last week for a 550,000 sq. ft. mixed use office campus near Hollywood’s famed Sunset and Vine. Comprising of three four-story buildings, including a 23-story apartment tower, the space will serve the growing number of young media and tech firms opting for Hollywood over Silicon Valley,… Read more

LA’s Silicon Beach: Why It’s The Rising Star Of The Startup World

Mar. 21, 2014
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Where else in the world can you claim a three-mile beachfront strip to gorgeous weather, beautiful people, and booming Internet start-ups? We tip our hats off to Silicon Beach, the Silicon Valley of the south, where a culture of entrepreneurship and “change into your wetsuit at the office” is fast on the rise. Lifestyle is… Read more

Silicon Beach Fest To Shine Spotlight On LA’s Rising Tech Scene

Jun. 13, 2013
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Santa Monica will be flexing its tech muscles next week when it kicks off Silicon Beach Fest, Los Angeles’s original and largest startup tech entertainment festival, celebrating the city’s presence as a fast emerging hub for start-up companies. Once just a made-up nickname, “Silicon Beach” now carries the same weight as our “Silicon Valley” neighbor… Read more

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