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The Top 5 Seafood Spots For Soaking Up The Last Days Of Summer

Aug. 17, 2016
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Blog_Top 5 Seafood Spots

Summer may be winding down so what better way to enjoy the last days of summer than outside with delicious seafood? We scoured the coast from north to south for the best casual seafood joints to crack, peel, shuck, and eat. From fish and chips in a hidden canyon to oysters by the sea, these… Read more

Stylish Items For L.A.’s Outdoor Summer Events

Jun. 16, 2016
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Blog_Outdoor_ Main

Summertime is finally here—and L.A.’s nearly-impeccable weather is reason enough to enjoy the outdoors 24/7. With great picnic-style outdoor events like Street Food Cinema’s movies in the park series or Cinespia’s great selection of films shown in Hollywood cemeteries, food trucks and live music are incorporated at each experience to offer one-of-a-kind summer memories. Below are The Agency’s favorite… Read more

Workouts To Get You Summer Ready

Jun. 8, 2016
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Summer is just around the corner, and that means poolside vacations and bonfire nights. Whether you’re staying in the city or traveling, we’ve got amazing class picks all over the U.S. to get your body ready for some much-needed beach time. MVMT Theory | Los Angeles MVMT Theory is a pop-up style hip hop dance class… Read more

A Summer Book List For Every Occasion

May. 31, 2016
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The perfect season for soaking up the extra sunlight and catching up on life-enriching books is upon us. We’ve curated a short list of insightful books worth reading this summer: works to inspire, to add to your intellect and to make you laugh for whichever mood may strike. To wind down before bed: The Sleep Revolution… Read more

Best Beach Destinations For Family Vacations

Apr. 14, 2016
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With summer around the corner, it’s time to plan your summer vacations and seaside escapes with your loved ones. The best family beaches have more than a sandy spot to sunbathe or build sandcastles and a clean, safe area to swim. Our top picks offer a well-rounded experience for families — accommodations, dining and entertainment in close proximity… Read more

Must Sip Summer Cocktails In L.A.

Jul. 8, 2015
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With summer already upon us in Los Angeles, the cocktail menus have heated up and here are some of this season’s best beverages found in some of the most iconic, unique and classy joints in the city. As Humphrey Bogart once said, “The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.”… Read more

Tourism Hits Record Levels At Mexico’s Coastal Resorts

Sep. 11, 2014
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Secluded stretches of white sand beaches, stunning sunsets, fine tequila, world-class dining and other pleasures are luring foreigners back to Mexico’s coastal resorts in record numbers in 2014. As NBC News reports in an article called “Summer Like No Other: Mexico Tourism Hits Record Levels,” the Mexican coast is once again becoming the go-to place for locals… Read more

The Agency Top 10: Best Summer Grilling Accessories

Jul. 10, 2014
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You’ve got the home, the pool and the Viking double range grill ­– now you just need the accessories. With these 10 grilling accessories, you’ll have everything you need to pull off that memory-making summer BBQ! 1. Natural Hardwood Charcoal For optimum taste, we recommend using natural hardwood charcoal started in a chimney. You don’t have… Read more

Terranea Featured As Top Getaway Resort For Southern Californians

Jun. 20, 2014
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110102 Terranea Aerial

Summertime is all about getting away with the family, and for most people that involves long road trips and painful airport security lines. Not only is this sort of travel inconvenient, but it cuts into actual vacation time. Thankfully for Southern Californians, there are great luxury getaway options right nearby, within driving distance of Los Angeles…. Read more

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