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LA Confidential: Homes With Spectacular Pools, Summer’s Most Covetable Amenity

May. 19, 2014
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Which way to the pool? That’s the question on everyone’s mind this month as temperatures rise and the summer season approaches. In its latest “Pursuits” spotlight, Los Angeles Confidential features two of The Agency’s residential listings for their remarkable pools that beckon swimsuits and summer entertaining. Take a closer look at these amazing watering holes… Read more

Eight Stunning Swimming Pools To Beat The Summer Heat In Los Angeles

Jul. 24, 2012
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With temperatures climbing and an abundance of grill-ready fare dying to be skewered, who doesn’t love a good swimming pool? We invited ourselves into eight backyards boasting beautiful pools that beckon your plunge. From swanky to Mediterranean Villa, each of these pools delivers on a promise to keep you cool, relaxed and on your way… Read more

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