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Beautiful Time Lapse Video Of Los Angeles By Alex Hallajian

Apr. 4, 2013
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Sometimes we have to meddle with time in order to expose how beautiful our city truly is. Time-lapse photography, which employs a technique that makes time appear to be moving much faster than it really is, accomplishes this without any need for actors, directors, and elaborate sets. From the Hollywood sign to a coastal drive… Read more

Stunning Time-Lapse Video Of Los Angeles As Day Turns To Night

Aug. 24, 2012
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Screen Shot 2012-08-24 at 10.15.19 AM

Cinematographer Colin Rich, who garnered considerable praise a year ago for his brilliant time-lapse film ‘L.A. Light,’ released his latest work Thursday, entitled ‘Nightfall.’ The extraordinary three-minute time-lapse tour through Los Angeles features striking footage as day turns to night in locations all across the region, from Downtown LA and Griffith Park to Santa Monica… Read more

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