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Guesthouses Built For Everything But Guests – Wall Street Journal

Sep. 4, 2014
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Guest homes are hardly just an accessory piece in today’s luxury real estate market, as pointed out by a recent article, The Popularity of Guesthouses, published by the Wall Street Journal. Whether used as lodging for friends, a nanny, or a home office, the allure of having a separate living space is growing faster by… Read more

More CEOs Turning To Vacation Homes For Business Inspiration

Feb. 24, 2014
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The vacation home is fast becoming the new boardroom for business leaders, reports the Wall Street Journal. In a recent article entitled, “Homes That Invite Shop Talk”, the Journal studied several high-powered execs who have turned to the relaxed setting of their vacation homes to generate business ideas and conduct deals. Take Martin Puris, an advertising veteran who,… Read more

5 Networking Apps Taking The Place Of Business Cards

Dec. 12, 2012
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Recent technology has propelled business networking into a new “smart” era powered by online social networks and mobile devices, all the while driving the age old business card ever closer to extinction. Sharing this sentiment is a recent New York Times article, which reveals that people are more likely to exchange Twitter handles or connect to one… Read more

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