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The Next Cool Thing In Los Angeles? Walking

Sep. 29, 2014
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The home at 8455 Oakwood Ave. offers great walkability and proximity to shops, restaurants and nightlife Guest houses, gated entrances, and infinity pools rank high on people’s lists when shopping for a new home, yet the greatest commodity may in fact be something intangible: walking. It seems that Los Angeles, the city known for being… Read more

Los Angeles Ranked Best U.S. City For Freelancers

Mar. 14, 2014
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Los Angeles takes the cake when it comes to the entertainment business, yet did you know that it also ranks highest in fostering the population who work in the industry? To find the “Best Cities For Freelance Workers”, a recent study measured affordability, availability of resources, and density of freelancers before determining L.A. as the top choice…. Read more

Designer Bikes Take Center Stage At Luxury Hotels

Feb. 11, 2014
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After checking-in and handing the bellhop your luggage, why not go explore the city on a stylish bicycle? Compliments of your hotel, of course. That’s the idea behind one of the latest lifestyle amenities to come out of the hospitality industry, a trend that not only serves a branding purpose but also supports wellness-focused travel…. Read more

Trend: Tech Titans Buying Up The Neighborhood

Feb. 5, 2014
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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, along with Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, have all dropped millions to purchase their neighbors’ properties in recent months, sparking conversation over how their buying power will impact the neighborhood. But what exactly are they buying? The Zillow Blog, along with The Agency’s Kofi Natei Nartey, set to find… Read more

High-End Trend: Move-In Ready Homes For Billionaires

Jan. 17, 2014
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The Agency’s stunning $36 million listing at 1201 Laurel Way, Beverly Hills is in the television spotlight once again, this time on CNBC in a story about turnkey designer homes in the ultra-high-end real estate market. “The house is done to the nines,” the home’s designer Michael Palumbo, of Palumbo Design, tells CNBC’s Diana Olick. “My mandate here was perfection,… Read more

Beige Is The New Black: Dressing Your Home to Sell

Jan. 9, 2014
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By Max Mervis That bright, neon-green wall sets off your mid-century modern dining furniture beautifully; however, your potential buyers may not appreciate it quite as much as you do. Getting ready to sell your home means dressing the area down, not up, so its natural beauty shines through.  First, repaint your dark or bright walls with… Read more

Housing Trend: New Homes-Turned-Rentals On The Rise

Nov. 4, 2013
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While the American dream of owning a home is still very much alive, it is on the decline as homeownership falls to its lowest level since 1995 and more people are content with renting a home. Now, a new report from the Wall Street Journal reveals that more single-family homes across the nation are being… Read more

Luxury College Dorms Offering Spas, Rooftop Pools And Other Upscale Amenities

Oct. 3, 2013
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Remember those college years spent sleeping two-to-a-room, socializing in tightly-packed common areas, with the smell of burnt popcorn wafting through the halls? What you may not remember are the spas, tanning salons, and beach volleyball courts, all of which can be found at The Grove, an upscale, lifestyle-driven student housing community with locations across the… Read more

Turning To Trust Funds To Buy A Home

Sep. 26, 2013
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With interest rates on the rise and the jumbo mortgage process becoming increasingly more difficult, more children of high-net-worth families are turning to their trust funds to purchase a home. A recent Wall Street Journal article, Tapping the Trusty Trust Fund to Buy a House, discusses this current trend, noting that tapping into a trust is often… Read more

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