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Q&A With The Maison Bertet Team On 1955 Loma Vista


Maison Bertet, a high-end furniture retailer that was founded by husband and wife team Joel and Sophie Bertet specializing in outdoor furniture, bathrooms, tile and decor, recently designed the exquisite contemporary estate at 1955 Loma Vista Drive in Trousdale. Maison Bertet opened their first store in 2010 and plan on several more. Joel Bertet generously lent his time for… Read more

The Agency’s Billy Rose Talks With Forbes About Celebrity Wants And Needs

It should come as no surprise, but Los Angeles is the number one home-buying destination in the country for celebrities, according to Forbes. This week Forbes published an article called “Homes of the World’s Most Powerful Celebrities 2014,” focusing on A-listers and where they’ve been laying their heads the past year. Ground zero is LA’s Westside. The Forbes… Read more

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