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Catching Up With James Van Der Beek, Star Of CBS’s New Comedy ‘Friends With Better Lives’

Mar. 27, 2014
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As director of the Sports and Entertainment Division here at The Agency, my clients include professional athletes, actors, and television personalities, all of whom exude a myriad of talents. Perhaps the biggest perk of my profession is being able to see and support their personal accomplishments, and I’m excited to say that one of my talented clients, actor James Van Der Beek, has been busy filming a new show for CBS called Friends With Better Lives ( premieres March 31st 9/8c on CBS).

New Docu-Series ‘Eat, Drink, Love’ Dishes Up LA Food Scene Drama

Jun. 18, 2013
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A new docu-series called Eat, Drink, Love is premiering on Bravo that explores the always evolving landscape of the LA restaurant industry. The show, which airs on Sunday, August 11, chronicles the lives of five influential and single women who are trying to navigate the male-dominated Los Angeles food scene or, as Bravo phrases it,… Read more

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