Building off its founding members’ expertise in architecture and design and more than $20 billion in luxury property sales, The Agency is uniquely suited to represent buyers and sellers of world class architectural estates.

Our team of agents, development experts, market researchers, designers, and property managers guide clients through the tricky process of acquiring or selling these one-of-a-kind estates. We have a history of representing unique luxury properties across the globe, from the airy, picturesque Libbey Ranch – designed and built in 1923 by architect-to-the-stars Wallace Neff – to homes by mid-century Modernist masters of the likes of Richard Neutra, Pierre Koenig, Rudolf Schindler, and John Lautner.

The Agency’s relationships with past and present legends of architecture, interior design, and property development allow us to treat each and every estate with the creativity and attention it deserves. We are excited to help our clients find that perfect trophy estate, choose a home that is part of architectural history, or market a unique property that’s ready to pass on to someone else.

The Agency is also proud to be handling the marketing and sales of Richard Neutra’s architectural plans. Through our exclusive partnership with Dion Neutra and the California Architecture Conservancy, the plans and blueprints of this Modernist revolutionary can now serve as the basis for your new home. The Neutra Office here in LA will even oversee construction.

For further information, please contact Billy Rose.