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Aziz Baby

Real Estate Agent
(Licensed as Abdoul Aziz Baby)
Aziz is a dedicated, authentic, and passionate agent who devotes 24 hours of his day to his clients! He believes an agent should be 100% committed to the business and clients, which makes him a good asset to any team. “You can't predict when opportunities come about, but you can ensure you’re ready for them at all times” is the motto he likes to live by. Aziz is a former college athlete as well as a high school football coach, so building relationships and taking leadership has been drilled into him. He has the discipline and organizational skills to make this transaction as smooth as possible for his clients. He understands the aspect of negotiating on the behalf of his clients and is willing to do what it takes to get his clients their dream home. Before becoming a full time agent, Aziz spent the better part of 3 years as a real estate marketing professional, giving him the advantage of networking with more than 100 agents and sellers throughout Maryland as well as becoming very familiar with the various types of homes that are available. Born and raised in Maryland, Aziz is a Montgomery County native with strong ties to the community, extensive knowledge of the area, and most importantly will be advising based on real life experiences. A true entrepreneur, youth football coach, and father is invested in his community. Whether looking to invest, buy or sell, Aziz is experienced to guide his clients throughout the transaction, making you feel confident in your investment. Aziz has built a long standing relationship with his clients and will love the opportunity to build with you.