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Candace is a strategic sales and go-to-market leader with 25+ years of experience building and scaling sales strategies at small- and large-scale enterprises, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. She comes from a long standing Georgia family in real estate and has worked at some of the world’s largest enterprise sales organizations across multiple products and different geographies. A true servant leader, with an empathetic communication style and passion for team-building, Candace has developed internal sales coaching programs and served on multiple Boards, establishing roadmaps for professional and personal growth.

Candace is celebrated for skillfully nurturing significant connections that extend across diverse functions, organizational levels, and external business partnerships. Candace adeptly assumes multiple roles and responsibilities, showcasing a versatile and multifaceted professional capacity so It comes as no surprise that her latest foray into the realm of real estate was a natural progression. Drawing on her extensive network and partnerships, she is now channeling her expertise to assist high-end clients in navigating one of the most significant decisions in their lives.

Candace is also a certified Pilates instructor, an active Crossfitter, and world traveler. Most recently, she sharpened her conversational Spanish skills during a 10-day excursion to Mexico City.
Languages: English and Spanish