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Claude Labbe

Real Estate Agent
Meet Claude Labbe, who went from globe-trotting in the tech world to settling down in Washington. With a deep-rooted family passion for real estate, he ultimately decided it was time to step away from tech in 2001 and embrace real estate as a way of life. Claude's dedication to his work is not just a career but a way to share his knowledge on incorporating real estate into financial portfolios. Working with a diverse clientele keeps each day exciting as he tackles new challenges and crafts solutions to meet people's unique needs.

For Claude, real estate is more than just a job; it's a lifestyle. He's all about sharing his knowledge on how real estate fits into your financial game plan. Working with all sorts of people keeps his days interesting, tackling new challenges and finding solutions that match everyone's unique needs.

Being a realtor can be all-consuming, but Claude knows the importance of balance. In moments when real estate threatens to consume his life, he retreats to the baseball park or enjoys downtime with his husband and/or his dog—both of whom share little interest in real estate or the Nationals. Being a native Canadian allows some French skills but the warm winters of Costa Rica have proven more alluring than the crisp Montreal winters of his younger years.

In Claude's world, real estate isn't just about transactions; it's about connections, dreams, and the delicate art of balancing ambition with serenity.
Languages: English and French