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Gregory Noel

Real Estate Advisor, Los Cabos
Buyers, sellers and investors trust Greg to guide them through every step of the Cabo Real Estate process. He ensures objectives and expectations are exceeded with personalized and proven marketing strategies. As a Real Estate professional, Greg is known for his strong understanding of the local housing market, his attention to detail, and his integrity, but also for his tenacity in defending his client's interests. With a problem-solver and customer-oriented mindset, Greg enjoys coming up with creative solutions to real estate industry challenges.
He values relationships over transactions and provides the same level of TaylorMade services with high ethical standards at any stage of his client’s real estate journey. To Greg, working in the Real Estate industry represents the opportunity to make a difference in clients’ life.

Born in Reims (the King´s City nestled in the Champagne area), Greg is a French guy with a Mexican soul. Mexico, with its vibrant colors, delicious food, a fantastic culture and people, trapped him 20 years ago. He lived in Mexico City where he worked as a Chief Marketing Officer before falling in love and moving to Los Cabos. Greg considers "La Baja" as a unique and magical place where doing Real Estate in a paradisiacal environment is a true privilege.

Greg is passionate about French and Mexican cuisine (he studied at the Mexico City College of Gastronomy as a hobby), scuba diving, wild nature adventures & backpack travels; Greg is also sensitive about giving back to the local community. He is actively involved in the SYCOMA Association, a local organization for the sustainability and conservation of the environment, which is dedicated to protecting the Sea Turtles´ endangered species.
Languages: English, French, and Spanish