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License #: S.0194384

Bringing over 15 years of customer service expertise and a wide-ranging skill set to The Agency, Jessica Zenzen is a newer agent taking the market by surprise. She is located at the Las Vegas office, serving clients in the Southwest, Summerlin, Henderson, and the surrounding valley. Jessica specializes in luxury real estate and selling homes that have been on the market with no success in selling in the past. But more importantly, she focuses on building great relationships and adding value everywhere she can. With the phenomenal experience her mentorship team provides you will be in great hands.

Originally from DeKalb, IL Jessica has had a small town midwest upbringing. Close with her family and embedded in her community. In high school, she always wanted more in life to be a singer and songwriter which she has accomplished and it will always be a major part of her life. The singing real estate agent.. sell your house and hear a tune. What's better than that?

Over the years Jessica has traveled and lived all across the country and also China. Where she continued to showcase her voice and grow her network of people. Jessica has always been known as a “Jill of all trades” because she learns as much as she can about everything she can. Real estate has always interested her and she can honestly say that she is doing something that she loves every day. Whether it’s helping a struggling seller to remarket and get that house sold, or prospecting new clients and showing them how much she cares. The Covid pandemic taught her a lot of things but one of the most important is that life is very short. She wants to make the most of every day, make people happy, and be happy herself.

Coming from a background of managing bars/restaurants in California and Las Vegas, Jessica knows and believes that mentorship is everything. “How do you expect to be the best if you are not learning from the best”, she says. Well, Zar Zanganeh is an amazing Mentor/Broker along with Mentor/Agent Stephanie Dibbs, Mentor/Agent Keri Lade, and everyone at The Agency brokerage. “I am excited to come into the office every day. We have an amazing team that is at the top of their field across the United States and Globally”. She is devotedly searching for exactly what her clients want and needs to find “The Keys To Your Zen”.

In her free time, she enjoys singing and writing music as it really does soothe the soul, taking care of her dogs' Diva (Dalmatian/Pitbull mix) and Treble (miniature schnauzer), traveling to see family, and spending quality time with her Fiancé William.